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Payroll Processing

CBS has a well-established and robust payroll processing system in place that is a combination of the best of software tools, expert know how, IT infrastructure and a strong payroll team. Designed to manage payroll of your on-roll employees, our payroll processing services are configured to cater to your specific requirements.

One Time Activities​

1.   Salary and benefits structuring

2.   Data migration

3.   Setting up rules and employee masters 

4.   Dry and parallel runs

Annual activities

1.   IT computation

2.   Receipt and verification of declaration            and proofs

3.   Form 16 and Forms 25 

Recurring activities​

1.   Payroll processing

2.   Pay slips

3.   Statutory reports and submissions 

4.   Client and employee query management

Reports and MIS

1.   Pay registers 

2.   Leave reports

3.   Bank advice reports 

4.   IT reports etc

Our proprietary system has a number of automated reminders and checklists to ensure that the workflow is timely and accurate. Further it allows for a complex set up of cost centers, SBU, line manager reporting, geographic zones, etc. to be factored in. Our client portal and MIS dashboards can also be configured for selective viewing ensuring confidentiality with access.


Payroll processing system is a software which is designed by CBS to pay money to its employees on time. It is time-saving and also one of the best methods to pay money. It seems simple but gets complex at each step. More are the number of employees, the more complex it keeps on getting. It includes all the allowances and tax money to be debited from the salary of an employee. A payroll processing system calculates the exact amount of money to be paid to the employee after doing some calculations such as the extra time performed by the employee, tax deductions, property loss caused by the employee, his or her insurance deduction and many more. More advanced the system is easier it is for the company to pay money to its employees.

Why CBS for Payroll processing Services

CBS offer payroll services to large and small companies for a fixed amount of price. It can range from a few thousand rupees to a lakh of rupees based on the number of employees and amount of data processing required. The better the payroll processing system the better is the happiness of its employees. CBS payroll processing services also rank employees according to their work so that the company can assess the performance and give promotions and demotions to the candidates. It should also acknowledge work experience of an individual and also compare records of the company's last year investment and tell if the company is in profit or loss.


Database Security - CBS payroll processing services have a high level of security in its databases. Other companies can get an access to all of the records of the company if the firewall of the company is weak. Moreover, personal projects of the company can also be leaked to the other companies, as it is a competitive world.

Payroll management is the backbone of any company as it boosts the morale of its employees. The more accurate the management of the company, more it grows. Moreover, good management may be required to be present to the income tax office in case of raid on the company. CBS as a best payroll management system which includes exact workings of the employee, total number of his family members, his other jobs, his investment and many more pinpoint details. All this information can be required to be presented in case of a legal procedure. It is necessary for a company to submit each employee’s payroll report to the legal court in case of an enquiry.

Advantage of payroll processing System by CBS

  • Saves time

  • Accurate

  • Useful in legal procedures

  • Easy access to individual records

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