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Over the years, we have helped our clients by fostering our domain expertise into their business advantage. Our competency lies in our ability to leverage our rich heritage while following market trends that will change the business landscape tomorrow. Going along with our tag line “Delivery Our Identity”, Carte Blanche has been called on when stakes are very high. Through our continuous Practice on evolving latest trends on technology front, we’ve developed an in-depth knowledge to provide both our clients and candidates with an invaluable insight into different verticals.

Our expertise is different in many ways that makes big difference to our clients


Our Know-how Is Your Power

Half knowledge is dangerous simply because the stakes are too high. Trust on our domain expertise and we will provide the best available solution which will meet the current need of the client. So we request you to sit back and let our expert consultants handle the job. We specializes in training & development of "users" on how different technologies and its features can be used at its best. With all the industry know-how, unique structure and relationship management skills we assure you a beneficial venture.

One Powered By Many


Our technology Consultants will be accountable for complete management of finding the right optimized solution. Every assignment is a distinct personal engagement while understanding the problem, a promise in which you trust us to provide you the market intelligence of many IT consultants’ not just one. Our company works on the motto of equal partnership and we work as an extended arm. All this helps in providing your firm, a richer and more responsive IT consulting solutions which further creates a tangible and consistent business impact.

IT Business Consulting

Its not only about finding the most suitable skill sets, but our consulting services will help you in implementing it. Our consulting expertise quickly respond to engineering & technology initiatives by strategically acquiring right skills while managing available resources cost-effectively. We provide the best IT talent pool to assist you in every stage of design, implementation and management of solutions. Our consultants are well-versed in various technology domains and business verticals.








Our Strategy

The Chosen One


On Finding skill set : A deep insightful research is something what we start with to give you the most apt services from the beginning till the end. We will be working along with you to picture the “right skills set ” in terms of competencies, traits and technical know how. Acquiring cost effective skill in itself is a major challenge which we will help you overcome even from a strategic point of view and act as a source to increase your diversity and inclusion.


Productive Evaluation Techniques

As conversation grows deeper, the qualified resources are interviewed on the basis of our leadership Competency and Potential Model which is a sophisticated and rigorous evaluation. Needless to say it is much more than a customary track record check and referencing. From surfacing the resource capabilities, tendencies and behavior to ability to perform in the target role and cultural fitment, we take care of everything. This helps us in doing our role better, helps you to find a better skill and also a resource in envisioning themselves in the role and seek their fitment in different aspects:  personal, professional, and cultural.


Transparent Negotiation

Each requirement and concerns are understood by allocating those good enough time. We play the role of facilitators and problem solvers during the entire process. In other words advisers to both client & resource and facilitate negotiation in a successful manner. We work on transparent negotiation policy which showcases that we will never have a conflict of interest with our clients.


Extended Arm to Integrate

It is a service that is a speeding up new executive’s journey in full throttle manner. This is very proposed since the initial time period is very critical. We chalk out a successful plan while acquiring skilled resource by working alongside with the hiring manager as well as delivery manager. Moreover we work along with the leaders of the welcoming team in addition to the executive to cultivate trust and open dialogue policy. For a period of 3 months after the hiring, the feedback is collected from the client to see how well the candidate has fared. 

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