What does Customer Centric really mean?

Customer Centric means putting the customer at the center of everything that you do, or, doing everything with the customer in mind. Customer centric means thinking from the outside, in.

As employees of companies, we tend to become very

internally focused.  We think in terms of policies, procedures and products.  Customers look at these things as ease of doing business, convenience and solutions. As a company, customer centric means before making any decision, consider how that decision will impact the customer experience. Customer centric means designing your products & solutions from the customer’s perspective.  

How will the customer use it?  Under what conditions will they use it?  How can we make it easy to use, for the customer, in their world?


Customer centric means designing your sales process to make it easy for the customer to buy from you.  
Example:  Dry cleaners that offer home and office delivery service.

Customer centric means providing customer service that's easy for the customer.Easy to get repairs, technical support or return a product.   Forget policies.  Forget processes that are designed for your internal efficiency alone.   Design your customer service center and procedures in a way that will make the customers’ lives easier


We at Carte Blanche believe that Customer Centric means always thinking in terms of the customer, to make their experience with us as good as it can be.  The ultimate reward of customer centricity for us is customer loyalty, consistent revenue streams and higher margins.