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Cyber Security: Carte Blanche Big Bet on the future

Security today for customers has become way too complicated. It’s become very difficult for people to figure out where they have complete coverage of their security profile and where they have gaps. We look at the cloud as a way to really tie things together from an information-sharing standpoint and an automation standpoint.”

Predictions for the Future of Cloud Security:

The cloud has been widely hailed as the most disruptive force in modern business. Indeed, the world is in the midst of fundamentally profound transformations, enabled by the cloud, in the ways in which we access and interact with data and applications. Unfortunately, the security industry has not kept pace with these transformational trends, necessitating an equally profound change in the way we secure modern businesses against cyber-attack.

The coming wave of disruption will change the entire way in which we think about enterprise security. This will inevitably result in five dramatic changes in the security vendor landscape, including: 

1. The internet will essentially become the corporate network perimeter.

2. Enterprises will favor integrated cloud services Vs on premise point products.

3. Endpoint and network security technologies will become inextricably intertwined.

4. We will move from a world of alert driven to intelligence-driven security.

5. Cloud security will enable a secure foundation for the internet of things (IoT)


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