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“It feels great to be working with Carte Blanche Solutions because the environment has a judicious blend of work and fun. Every day has opened new challenges for me to learn, experiment and grow. Hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed here, translating directly to career growth and rewards. The work culture is the best one can get and kindles the entrepreneurial instinct among employees”.   Neha (Joined Fortune 50 organisation)

Kumar Jeevesh
Joined Nagarro after Carte Blanche

It is a delightful experience to see your company grow in front of your eyes, and I consider myself fortunate enough to witness Carte Blanche solutions sublime growth over the last 5 years.I think, what sets apart Carte Blanche Solutions from its contemporaries is its business perspective and its concern for employees. Carte Blanche Solutions  focuses on the kind of contribution it is going to make in respective industry and this is why companies all over the world like to do business with Carte Blanche Solutions. Carte Blanche Solutions strives to acquire good talent and preserve them as long as possible. Employees are given ample opportunities to showcase their talent and versatility. If you have the wings and the necessary fuel, and you wish to fly high, join Carte Blanche Solutions ; it will provide you the runway. In short, Carte Blanche Solutions is a company where opportunities galore”.

Prabhavi Dheer
Joined Google after Carte Blanche

I am glad to have been part of the Carte Blanche Solutions and to have had the opportunity to work under wonderful mentors.


Thank you for support, encouragement and opportunities for professional development that Carte Blanche provided me during my tenure.


I wish to express my greatest gratitude for all the guidance and wonderful opportunity extended to me in gaining invaluable experience at the organization


Subhoshree,Associate Specialist
Joined Tata's after Carte Blanche

I started with Carte Blanche Solutions in 2009 and to sum it up, the journey has been excellent, fulfilling, challenging, sometimes full of frustration,
anger and moments of joy. This journey has provided me all the opportunities for my professional growth. Over the year I have seen CBS transforming from a mere body
shopping firm to a highly mature organization. One striking difference in the Carte Blanche culture has always been the sense of belonging you feel for the company
as a whole and your team in particular. I have met excellent people during this journey from whom I have learned a lot & more importantly made
some lasting friendships

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