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Application Development and Maintenance

We bring an expertise in ADM area with best practices from the industry and giving you the best solution. We understand that running our operations 24*7 is extremely critical for your business and clients.

Choose from our hosts of services, that will take away all your pain and will keep your operations 24*7 up and reliable. Our experts will help you to focus on your core business and giving you diverse services offerings across domains and various technologies.

The difference between Maintenance, Support and Enhancements:

Support: To resolve day to day issues that come in the application without tweaking the source code. 

Maintenance: To resolve day to day issues that come in the application by tweaking the source code. 

Enhancement: To add new features to the software as new requirements or Process improvement initiatives. 

We have been assigned a task where we need to classify all initiatives as either of the three categories to help prioritize work and resource management. Along with following support levels :

LEVEL 1 SUPPORT - Answering questions on execution or usage. 

LEVEL 2 SUPPORT - Restoring service and fixing production problems with the application. This may include minor modification to scripts or to configuration parameters. 

LEVEL 3 SUPPORT - Focuses on corrective modification. Code changes to the application are released either as emergency or planned releases. 

We provide custom-made or off-the –Shelf, with well-defined service levels which helps clients to make better utilization of their resources, increase overall efficiency and reduce costs.